Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Victorian Weirdness

I remember as a kid seeing an old Victorian post card that my great-grandpa used to propose to my great-grandma. It was super cute and kitschy with teeny tiny ribbons in different colors, each representing an answer. (Of course, the ribbon representing "yes" was missing.)

Since I had fond memories of it, I thought I'd look up artwork for old cards to use for making my own greeting cards. After falling down the Google image search rabbit hole, I discovered that my great-grandparent's generation were seriously, weirdly macabre. Since I found sooooo many odd cards, I figured the most expedient way to share them would be in a blog post.

So without further ado, here is a collection of the weirdest Victorian cards I've found the last couple days.

Apparently dead bird cards were a thing.

Because nothing says good luck like a dead bird.

Dead birds certainly make for a pleasing Christmas. 

Nothing says love like dead birds, am I right?

Because dead birds just SING Christmas joy.

Then there are the Krampus cards. Merry Christmas! Let's scare the little kids! 

Then there are the Christmas frogs. 
Merry Christmas! Let's be as merry as this frog dancing on a beach with bugs. 
Nothing says Merry Christmas like a murderous thieving frog. 

Then there's this interesting Christmas dinner.

 Last, but not least, this charming couple.