Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nights of the Living Dead

Since Christmas we've been fighting off the plague. It's some sort of vile (non-flu) respiratory virus. It hit me first. On Christmas afternoon, to be exact.

The rest of my family fell like dominos. Baby that night, Hubby the following evening. I was even generous enough to share a touch of it with my sister and her hubby.

This plague, in addition to causing difficulty breathing, has the bonus of life-force sucking fevers that have left me & the hubby shuffling around the house like the un-dead.

We're pale, pasty, wheezing and shuffling. Somebody cast us in a zombie flick, STAT!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Crafty Christmas

I recently received a decent sized stack of fabric from a friend's mother. There was some cute corduroy and knit fabrics. So I searched around the internet and found some cute, free patterns for kids clothes.

Over the course of the the last 2 weeks I've made things for my daughter for Christmas. I also made a cute little dress for my friend's 2 year old's birthday.

Since my daughter is too young this Christmas to know or care what she's getting, I can post a picture or 2 of my handiwork. :D

Little Dress

Top and pants

This set is my favorite. :)