Saturday, August 30, 2014


The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. 2 weeks ago Thursday, I got a call from hubby's aunt. The company she works for was looking for a part time office manager assistant, and she was wondering if I'd be interested.

I had worked there as a temp shortly after I got laid off a couple years ago, and really liked it, so I said I'd be thrilled if she put my name into the running for the position.

The following Monday I got the word that I got the job. So the next day I put in my notice at Taco Bell. Made my boss and all my favorite co-workers sad.

This last Tuesday was my last day at Taco Bell, and I started my new job on Wednesday. All this after having a booth for my photography at a consignment sale the 5 days before. So I've been going non-stop for a week & a half.

So now I have a new job, but it's in the opposite direction from home as my babysitter, so now I have to find a new sitter.

I do not handle changes well, and the rapid pace of change the last two weeks has my head spinning. I am so exhausted just thinking about finding a sitter. It's times like this that being an introvert who can count close trusted friends on one hand really stinks. :(

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Serenity vs. the bully

This week, at just under 16 months old, Serenity had her first encounter with a bully.

She was at the sitter's on Monday when it happened. She was given a toy, and a little boy there wanted it. When she didn't give it to him, he bit her! However, she held on to the toy, and pushed him away.

She may have a mouth shaped bruise on her arm, but I am happy that she's able to stand up for herself. My baby girl is too tough & stubborn to let a bully get the best of her. :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Goodwill Goodies

It's official. I'm smitten. I went to the Goodwill Outlet, and I'm hooked. I got 4 bags of stuff for just under $19.00.

Counting the 7 roughly 1 yard pieces of sheer, metallic fabric I nabbed, I got 50 items. 11 of the items had tags, whose totals added up to $46.

2 curtains that I plan to use as fabric for dresses for Serenity.
2 vintage flat sheets with fabulous floral patterns, also to utilize as a fabric source.
1 silk shirt.
1 silk skirt. (It's a size 0, but it's got a gorgeous pattern. I think I see a silk dress in Serenity's future)
1 very 80's silk formal cocktail dress.
1 kimono with beautiful chrysanthemums printed on it.
1 pair of pajama pants that look like they're brand new.
1 vintage kurti. It's missing some bells & bangles, but I know can make something spectacular out of it.
1 pair capris.
3 sweaters.
5 shirts for me.
1 green satin sash.
3 shirts that might fit my mom.
2 skirts.
2 pairs of pants for Serenity.
1 pair of PJs for Serenity.
1 pair PJ for the neighbor's new baby.
5 tops for Serenity to wear next spring.
6 dresses for Serenity to grow into.

And the best piece of all. A vintage wool coat with a fabulous fur collar.

It's missing whatever it used to have to keep it closed, but I think a couple frog closures will fix it up just fine.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Project Roundup

Now that I have a beautiful, new, fully functional sewing machine, I figured it's time to think about tackling the projects that have been sitting in my sewing room. But which to tackle first...

Turn random fabric into a dress for Serenity?

Shorten a too long wool skirt?

Hem too long dress pants?

Refashion a too small silk skirt?

Refashion a too big sheath dress?

Turn receiving blankets and other flannel scraps into diapers?
*Sigh* Decisions, decisions... And this is just the tip of the project iceberg, that is preventing me from getting to the other projects buried in the black hole I call a sewing room!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Monday came to visit, and won't leave

This week has not had the most auspicious start. My "case of the Mondays" extended into Tuesday.

Started out with Serenity waking up crying at 5:30 Monday morning. Usually, if she wakes up before 7 am, some noms and snuggles get her right back to sleep. Not so this time. Once I was coherent enough to get up and get her dressed, I was horrified to see what I thought were bug bites, all along the back of her neck.

I turned on some more lights for a better look, and soon discovered they weren't bites, and they weren't just on her neck. They were hives, and they were on her arms, in her arm pits, on an ear, on her back, her thighs. No wonder she had woken up crying!
Poor baby!
As soon as urgent care was open, I called & described the situation to the nurse. A few minutes later, the doctor called back and advised me that it was very likely that Serenity was having a reaction to the amoxicillin she was prescribed the week before and to immediately stop using it.

So all I could do was give her some Benadryl and put allergy cream on it and hope it got better. After giving her the Benadryl, I put her in the high chair with some Cheerios for breakfast. An early wake up paired with Benadryl made her fall asleep in her high chair!

The hives weren't any better by bedtime, so she slept in the pack-n-play next to our bed last night. And I couldn't sleep. I was terrified that the reaction might worsen and she would have trouble breathing. Of course, the storm that rolled through around 11 pm wasn't any help in the sleep department either. Lots of lightning, thunder, howling wind and driving rain helped keep me awake til past midnight.

I woke up this morning and was thrilled to discover that overnight the hives had subsided greatly. No early morning trip to urgent care! It was going to be a good day! 

And then, it wasn't. Turns out, that fun little storm knocked out power in lots of places around town. This included a partial power outage at my place of employment. Roughly 1/3 of the lights and equipment necessary to be open were working, everything else, not so much. After 2 hours of being at work, but not being able to clock in, due to the computers being part of the equipment without power, I was finally told to go home. So that's more missed hours at work. :(

And now, it's 10 pm, and I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I was prescribed amoxicillin for my bronchitis, and I stopped taking it when I stopped giving Serenity hers. And 48 hours since my last dose, I'm starting to think that I probably needed to stay on it. But I don't want it to get into Serenity's system and possibly cause a worse reaction than hives. 

Hopefully I'll wake up feeling better tomorrow. Because, I swear, if Monday tries to show up again...

Saturday, July 5, 2014

4th of July

Our Independence Day was very close to being as miserable as this year's Valentine's Day. Last Sunday Serenity & I went to urgent care. I almost didn't make an appointment for myself, because I thought I was just a little under the weather. I knew Serenity was coming down with an ear infection, so I wanted to take care of it ASAP. Turns out, I was worse off than I thought. I had bronchitis bad enough that the doctor gave me a nebulizer treatment right there in the office.

Fortunately, the medicine we were both put on did the trick and we were well enough to enjoy the 4th of July with family.

Waiting for the Rich Hill 4th of July Parade to start.
Beginning of parade

End of Parade

Serenity enjoyed the parade, except for some fire truck sirens and the tow trucks honking. The fireworks later weren't really her cup of tea. Even the quiet ones made her cry, so she went to bed, and slept through all the rest.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Red Dress

Can it be saved?

After the initial post about my 50¢ thrift store dresses, my brother commented on Facebook saying that when they sold me the red dress they basically robbed me of my 50¢. 

Now, taken as a whole, it's pretty much, well, terrible. The top was boxy, bulky and had shoulder pads (ick!), and as a whole looked more like something one of the piano players at church would wear than something I'd don in public. 

But I liked the color and the pleated skirt. So choppage commenced.

Shoulder pads...GONE!

Stiff plastic mesh stuff that added to the boxiness of the shoulders.

This was a weird pleat on the front of the dress that I removed.
Flaps to give the illusion of pockets. They were awkwardly placed in the chest area, so they went bye-bye too.
After all the seam ripping and odd part removing, I was left with a dress that needed a LOT of fabric removed in the top to turn it into something that didn't resemble a big red sack on my mid-section.

I was at a loss as to how to rectify it without it looking stupid, so it sat with my sewing stuff for almost 2 months.

I am happy to say, inspiration finally struck.  Also, I can honestly say, the thrift store did not rob me of my 50¢. In fact, I kind of think it was a steal on my part. Because that one sad, ugly dress turned into 2 skirts!

Matching skirts!
Smelling the pretty flowers