Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I've got 29 problems...

My stash of garments that I have plans to alter in some fashion or another has been piling up, and due to the chaos my sewing room descended into before Christmas, the pile has NOT been reduced.

Last night I went through my stash to document what I have so I could develop an attack plan. And I discovered that I have 29! 29 items on my to-do list! Ack! Which should I tackle first??
A size M shirt who's spaghetti straps have seen better days. It has a future as a summer dress for Serenity.

Super, duper, ginormously huge purple skirt. No concrete plans for Barney here, but it is a treasure trove of cheap fabric.

I've had this sweater for ages, but the cowl/turtleneck thing that it has going on is getting all stretched out, and has to go.

Another sweater I've had for ages. The binding around the neck is wearing out, so I have to figure out a solution so I can save my sweater!

A new acquisition in the sweater department. I love the pattern, but the darn thing fits like a box.  

I only got this for the lace. I hate everything else about it.

Love the color, love the pattern, hate the ruffles.

Fun & funky, but fits weird. But I have big plans for this, involving another item in my stash. :D

Super fun youth sized outfit. I may just hold on to this for use as a costume for a Christmas pageant. Otherwise, Serenity is going to have a fun, funky dress in the future. 
This is 6+ sizes too big for me, but the fabric was pretty....

Another item I picked up because I liked the pattern of the fabric. It fits like a gunny sack, though.

A new zipper and new trim around the waist will make this dress as good as new.

Once I figure out the logistics, this will become a tunic.

Fun fabric, but the straps are worn out. It either has a future as a skirt or as something for Serenity.

An iron and some alterations are all this needs to be a totally fab evening gown.

Totally 80's silk dress. The color is HORRIBLE for my skin tone. I see a dye bath and some reconstructive surgery in it's future.

This scarf has a future as an outfit for Serenity.

These scarves have a similar future planned as the previous scarf.

Size 0 silk skirt. I have a couple ideas, but nothing concrete yet.

Totally a granny dress. It smelled of mothballs when I rescued it from the Goodwill bin. When I'm done, it won't be recognizable.

A very much too big for me sheath dress. I have fun ideas for this one.

Black wool skirt. Too big, too long. It'll be a very easy fix, once I get around to it.

This dress fits like a glove, but I HATE the length. I got pregnant shortly after I got it, so it's been languishing in the upstairs closet, waiting for me to alter it.


I totally bought this one on the merits of the fabric. It's absolutely got a future as something for Serenity.
WAY too small in the bust to ever fit me, and totally awkward length as a skirt. But there's plans. Oh, yes, there's plans for it. 

The combo of blingy buttons and sequins are a bit much for me. New buttons are in it's imminent future.

Vintage coat that I rescued from Goodwill. A couple frog closures, and it'll be good as new.